Chokoufe Nejad

Staff Engineer at Jimdo. Phd Physics

About me

I love building great software products that helps people. I have 10+ years of experience in software engineering and 5+ years building on cloud-native platforms (AWS). Before working for businesses, I pursued my PhD in theoretical physics, where I found my passion for building software products.

My manifesto

In software engineering, there are different approaches that can lead to working software. Here, I try to summarize the one that I prefer. While some of the following is arguably proven to be more successful, these values are mostly reversible, meaning the opposite is also viable and preferred by others

  • Automation over processes, especially in testing and deployments

  • Room for experimentation over trying to get everything right the first time

  • Clean code and architecture over extensive documentation

  • Reliable teams over individual contributors

Just as in the Agile Manifesto, I acknowledge that, while there is value in the items on the right, I value the items on the left more.

Things I've built

  • JustDecide, a simple, fast and fun decision-making tool. Built with NextJS, Supabase and Vercel.

  • Twinkle (WIP), an app to help families capture memories. Built with Flutter and Supabase.

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